Ultimate Guide to Ziplining in Slovenia

Slovenia, a hidden gem in Europe, offers an exhilarating ziplining experience that every adrenaline junkie should try. Our ultimate guide to ziplining in Slovenia will introduce you to some of the most stunning locations and highest platforms throughout this verdant landscape. From the breath-taking views over Lake Bled to the thrilling descent into Soca Valley, zipline Slovenia provides not just a thrill ride but also an opportunity to soak up some extraordinary scenery.

The first stop on your zipline Slovenia adventure should undoubtedly be the awe-inspiring Planica Zipline. With a length of 566 metres and reaching speeds up to 85 km/h, it is considered one of the steepest ziplines in the world! The thrill of flying over the Planica Giant, the largest ski jumping hill on earth, will leave you breathless. But if you’re seeking an even more unique experience, head towards Maribor Pohorje Zipline Park for an adrenaline-filled journey across six different lines stretching over a total distance of 3 kilometres. Aside from being a heart-pounding adventure, it also offers panoramic views of the sprawling vineyards and picturesque meadows that define Slovenia’s countryside. For those who crave a blend of history with their adrenaline rush, we recommend venturing to Bovec. Here you can find Europe’s most attractive zipline park in Krsjak. It boasts five thrilling cables that take you soaring above the abandoned World War I fortresses nestled amidst lush forests and rugged mountain terrain – an absolute must-see! Additionally, adventure seekers should not miss out on Bohinj’s Vogel Mountain where they can experience an incredible descent down Europe’s longest double cable zipline at 2500 meters high! Ziplining in Slovenia is more than just about getting your heart racing; it’s about immersing yourself into astonishing landscapes and diverse terrains that this beautiful country has to offer while satisfying your need for speed and height. As our guide reveals, whether you’re craving stunning views over Lake Bled or a historical tour around Bovec’s old fortresses – there truly is something for every taste when it comes to choosing where to zipline in Slovenia.

In your pursuit of adrenaline-pumping activities, a visit to the Zipline Dolinka in Bled should be on your itinerary. This zipline Slovenia adventure will take you through stunning natural landscapes and over the beautiful Sava River. Comprising five cables that span a total length of 4 kilometres, thrill-seekers are given the opportunity to soar above dense forests and charming towns at speeds reaching up to 60 km/h! The experience is not only exhilarating but also educational as trained guides share fascinating insights about Slovenia’s unique flora and fauna during each pause between line descents. Lastly, don’t forget to stop by Dom na Kofcah zipline near Trzic where you can marvel at magnificent views of the Julian Alps from an astounding height of 1488 metres above sea level. With all these options available, it’s clear that no matter what kind of adventure you’re after – Slovenia offers an unforgettable ziplining journey for everyone!

Ultimate Guide to Ziplining in Slovenia

With opportunities for all ages and skill levels, zipline Slovenia offers a truly unique way to explore the country’s diverse landscapes. Whether you are fascinated by the lush greenery of Sava River or captivated by the snow-capped peaks of Julian Alps, every descent brings with it a new perspective and an unforgettable memory. The exhilaration doesn’t end at 60 km/h – adrenaline junkies can push their limits with advanced courses that promise even greater speeds. Meanwhile, nature enthusiasts will appreciate the educational aspect as knowledgeable guides share intriguing trivia about local wildlife during each pause between flights. Safety is also paramount; trained professionals ensure proper equipment usage and adherence to guidelines, making your thrilling journey worry-free from start to finish. So why wait? Embrace adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime with zipline Slovenia!

Beyond the adrenaline, zipline Slovenia also offers a unique bond with nature. Experience the serenity of gliding through untouched forests, getting up close and personal with bird species in their natural habitat. The fun doesn’t stop when you touch the ground; indulge in local cuisine by joining food tours that introduce you to Slovenia’s rich culinary tradition. If history is more your speed, explore ancient castles and learn about the country’s past from expert tour guides. By nightfall, rest easy in cozy accommodations nestled within stunning landscapes, providing comfort after a day filled with adventure. In every aspect – whether it be thrill-seeking or cultural immersion – zipline Slovenia presents an experience like no other.…

Solution for lost and found company items: id tags for corporate equipment

If you hate losing your personal stuff so often, the companies do so when employees lose their company-owned stuff! Since the main purpose of company-provided devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, or some other items is providing the option of remote working, they are mostly used for business travels or working in different places out of the office. 

Hence, the chance of losing phones, forgetting tablets in restaurants or lounges at the airport is a commonly experienced situation.

Imagine a business travel scene as follows. You already have a cell phone, maybe even a tablet, and also you carry your bag along with you during your daily routine. Then, you also take your business laptop with its bag, phone, -so you have two of them on your hand- and maybe even a suitcase to carry documents. It becomes more likely to forget one of these devices at a restaurant toilet or public transport while you are carrying too much stuff. If you are stressed which is mostly the case in business trips, the chance of lost and found phones, PCs becomes higher.

Losing a company phone or laptop that is full of critical and confidential business information is too stressful to explain to your boss. Also, the monetary compensation for losing a laptop or phone is an upsetting experience. 

From the company’s perspective, the cost of total lost and found items in businesses require reinvestment of expensive digital devices and reflect on their bottom line negatively. On the other hand, the business-sensitive information stored in these devices can be priceless and cause major business crises.

However, there is a solution for lost and found items in corporate organizations. With the specially designed and created lost and found ID tags, you will have unique tags to attach your most important company devices and IT equipment. In this service, we can prepare customized tags to prevent lost and found incidents. These tags will include our website and call center information for finders to reach us. Hence your company details and employee information will stay confidential.

These tags can be attached to small or sizable items and can be produced based on your company’s needs, employee number, and your preferences.

Also, along with the contact information of our company, we offer a reward for the finder if they contact us and return lost and found items to you. This motivates finders to pay attention and take action for the return of lost and found belongings.

With our user-friendly website, the finder can contact us with a few clicks. The unique code that we attach to each tag will ease our process to match the item with the owner’s information. Hence, no matter how many employees you have or how many company items you include in our ID tag system, lost and found PC or phone will be matched with the owner’s information in seconds.

Rather than investing in company equipment and expensive IT infrastructure, give a chance to this innovative solution for lost and found objects. We all know that lost and found offices are full of business laptops with little chance of finding their owner due to high numbers and poor performance. So, we offer you an option to take your own measures to avoid lost and found objects, hence, against waste of money, time, and effort.

Lost and found – you can find yourself

When we hear the words “lost and found”, it is usually to refer to some container, or even room where all items that were found in a certain environment are placed and stored for the owner to show up and claim them back. This article, though, is about how I lost and found myself again after a bad period of my life. I like this expression because it suggests the possibility of overcoming a difficulty, of regaining control over your life, your spirit.

So, I spent seven months feeling very lonely, sad and lifeless. I had lost an important person over cancer and I was struggling to cope with the feeling of emptiness that pervaded my body. I sincerely thought I would not get over that, and I was slowly coming to accept my new life. Instead, one day I met a very nice old lady who introduced me to meditation and self-awareness; and I began to realise I really wanted to be happy again and, most importantly, that I was simply lost, not broken. All I needed was to find myself again. Through a work on myself, guided by caring people, I can today say I that I found joy, purpose, energy, and I know myself much better, which is a 100% victory for me.

Lost and found. The important bit is “found”, we all have the capability of getting over anything, as long as we are aware of it, as long as we do not give up.

School bag with wheels, is it real?

Every September the story is repeated… going back to school means, first of all, getting ready for it! So, a few weeks before it begins, I have to run from shop to shop to make sure that all the needed materials are bought. Teachers tend to become nervous when they have to work with pupils that do not have all the required equipment.

Towards the end of the last school year my daughter broke her school bag, so this summer I had to deal with that as well – maybe the most difficult item to get. You know, it is your kid who gets to choose as it is her that will use it. Fair enough. It so happens that choosing a school bag is not easy at all. If it were for my daughter it would be a matter of colours and cartoons only, but of course, we adults need to check quality. At my daughter’s school, they have to carry quite a big amount of books and notebooks every day to and from school, which means a school bag needs to be comfortable, big enough (but not huge) and ensure some back support so that the child does not get injured from carrying it.

I found out that it is quite common now to buy a school bag that comes with wheels. If they told me such a thing when I went to school, I would have never accepted to have one of those! But, truth is that they are far better than what we had years ago… in fact, they are resistant, spacious, colourful, but most importantly, having wheels, you do not need to burden your back with the ‘weight of knowledge’. You can simply carry your school bag as if it was a trolley suitcase. It is simply perfect!

I was worried my daughter would not like one of those (I thought she’d reason like me), so I did not say anything when we entered the shop, but, of course, she was much more used than me to those (after all, most kids own one these days), and straightaway pointed to a wheeled school bag that she liked. It was easier than I thought, and I am happy to see her carrying around her stuff daily with zero or little effort – unlike me at her age…

To conclude, for your kids’ sake, next time you’re faced with the need to buy a school bag, go for one with wheels, they are definitely the best.


What about office chairs?

It may seem a not so important matter, but to those who work in an office, chairs can be an issue. Or better, they can lead to various health issues. While working in an office is for many a “luxury” – if compared to jobs in factories, farms, building sites – it does not come free of problems. First and foremost, the worker has to spend eight hours a day in the very same room, five days a week, all year round. Secondly, he or she is surrounded by the same colleagues (which, let’s admit it, can’t be hundreds of individuals) every day: what if you don’t really get along with one or more of them? Third, your boss can keep tabs on you. If all of this is not enough, there are all the problems connected with your immobility: sitting for eight hours at a desk, probably in front of a computer, or with a phone in your hand. Sitting.

This is why office chairs are a serious matter. Choosing wrong office chairs is a mistake you don’t want to make if you don’t want to incur in back and neck problems that may be pretty hard to get rid of, in the future. Quality office chairs ensure health, and leads to higher productivity: for example, better office chairs can reduce the number of breaks an employee needs to take.

So, how do we “recognise” good office chairs from bad ones? Good chairs let you adjust the seat height so to keep the feet flat on the floor, the thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk. In addition, quality office chairs have a seat which is wide and deep enough to support anybody comfortably – the best office chairs have a lumbar support too. Finally, choose a chair which is built with a good material – better if it breathes – and that has enough padding to be comfortable for longer periods.

Office chairs can be bought online, of course, but it is always best to go to a shop and try a number of different chairs. No need to mention that you should sit on them long enough to decide if it is comfortable for you. It is also a good idea to verify the professionalism of the seller to make sure the chair you choose will last long, and by that I mean that it keeps the shape of the seat and back support in the long run.

Health is what counts most, both for happiness and productivity, so if you care about your health (or your employees’) make sure you choose the right office chairs for your workplace.