School bag with wheels, is it real?

Every September the story is repeated… going back to school means, first of all, getting ready for it! So, a few weeks before it begins, I have to run from shop to shop to make sure that all the needed materials are bought. Teachers tend to become nervous when they have to work with pupils that do not have all the required equipment.

Towards the end of the last school year my daughter broke her school bag, so this summer I had to deal with that as well – maybe the most difficult item to get. You know, it is your kid who gets to choose as it is her that will use it. Fair enough. It so happens that choosing a school bag is not easy at all. If it were for my daughter it would be a matter of colours and cartoons only, but of course, we adults need to check quality. At my daughter’s school, they have to carry quite a big amount of books and notebooks every day to and from school, which means a school bag needs to be comfortable, big enough (but not huge) and ensure some back support so that the child does not get injured from carrying it.

I found out that it is quite common now to buy a school bag that comes with wheels. If they told me such a thing when I went to school, I would have never accepted to have one of those! But, truth is that they are far better than what we had years ago… in fact, they are resistant, spacious, colourful, but most importantly, having wheels, you do not need to burden your back with the ‘weight of knowledge’. You can simply carry your school bag as if it was a trolley suitcase. It is simply perfect!

I was worried my daughter would not like one of those (I thought she’d reason like me), so I did not say anything when we entered the shop, but, of course, she was much more used than me to those (after all, most kids own one these days), and straightaway pointed to a wheeled school bag that she liked. It was easier than I thought, and I am happy to see her carrying around her stuff daily with zero or little effort – unlike me at her age…

To conclude, for your kids’ sake, next time you’re faced with the need to buy a school bag, go for one with wheels, they are definitely the best.